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Archetypes of Sex

Archetypes of Sex

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Algae have helped shape our world: they absorb CO2and produce oxygen, without which we wouldn't exist today. They also contribute to building the world of tomorrow by combating climate change and providing essential resources for sustainable nutrition. The botanist Nathanael Pringsheim (1823–1894), contemporary of Charles Darwin, brought algae into the focus of science with his revolutionary discovery of their sexuality, what has since been considered a general principle of life.

This book offers readers:

  • A captivating journey through the history of science, tracing the evolution from natural philosophy to modern science.
  • An exploration of Pringsheim’s revolutionary revelation of archetypes of sexuality in algae, a discovery then considered a universal principle of life.
  • The first-ever account of the Pringsheim family, tragically torn apart during the Third Reich, and their significant contributions to the natural sciences.
  • An enthralling narrative of the challenging journey to the establishment of the first German marine biological research station on Heligoland, for which Pringsheim was the patron.
  • An appealing showcase of magnificent, large-scale artistic interpretations of microscopic worlds, created by a master of the craft and scientific illustration.
  • A kind invitation to kindle curiosity, nurture perseverance, and ignite a passion for research.
  • A heartfelt tribute to a now largely forgotten naturalist, marking his 200th birthday

and last but not least

  • An unexpected perspective on algae research, that Pringsheim dedicated himself to, and which is more relevant today than ever before.
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