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Designed by Nature


... to AlgenART, your exclusive online store for unique products inspired by the impressive original drawings of the 19th century botany pioneer Nathanael Pringsheim. He revolutionized our understanding of algae through his discovery of their sexuality. This showed that sexuality is a universal principle of life.

Inspired by Pringsheim

The discovery of sexuality in algae made Pringsheim famous overnight, even as a young man. His meticulous observations and artistic drawings not only advanced biology and botany but also revealed the beauty and diversity of nature.

From Nature to Art

At AlgenART, we continue Pringsheim's legacy by offering products that reflect this unique connection between science and art. Each item represents the infinite inspiration that nature has to offer. Our items both honor Pringsheim's groundbreaking scientific contributions and celebrate the beauty and diversity of nature.

About the AlgenARTist

The AlgenARTist, Andreas Deutsch, is an associate professor at Dresden University of Technolgy and an expert in the mathematical
modeling of biological pattern formation. He has published numerous scientific papers in this field and also has a profound affinity for the history of biology.

Drawing from his expertise, Andreas Deutsch has ingeniously crafted a range of products inspired by the extraordinary original drawings of Nathanael Pringsheim. AlgenART proudly offers these products. Each of these items serves a dual purpose: to pay homage to Pringsheim's groundbreaking scientific contributions and to exalt the boundless beauty and diversity of nature.


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